the art of tattooing
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the art of tattooingThe Art of Tattooing is an instructional and insightful book about tattoos, how to tattoo, tattooing and the tattooing industry. It discusses tattooing concisely and candidly and is jam packed with detailed explanations, plenty of diagrams, drawings and illustrations.

The Art of Tattooing contains tattooing tricks and tips from tattoo artists from around the world, the most current medical information about tattooing safely, how to operate a tattooing business, how to make your tattooing better than it is, how to get an apprenticeship and much, much more…

The Art of Tattooing is the ideal book for professional tattoo artists and tattoo studios for teaching their apprentices. Professional tattoo artists will also to their surprise, find many pieces of information contained in the book that they did not know before. Tattoo studio owners will find the plethora of information contained in the book indispensable. Tattoo fans, aspiring tattooists, students of medicine, anthropology and history and anyone else interested in tattoos, tattooing and the international tattoo world will all find the book, The Art of Tattooing to be entertaining, informative, accurate and factual.


Tattoo styles – The most extensive pictorial list of styles to date
Setting up to Tattoo – The layout of the workspace
The Tattooing Industry – The truth told like never before
Tattoo Flash – What is it, where it started how to make it!
The Skin & Pain – The facts!
Tattooing Color Theory – Something every tattoo artist must know!
Cross contamination – What is it and how to prevent it
Preparation, Safety and Sterilization – The facts
Equipment – A comprehensive list
Ink – What is it and how to make it
Needles – How to make them
Electricity – What every tattoo artist must know!
The Tattoo Machine & Modern Tattooing – History and other facts
The Electro-Magnetic Machine – The Western machine
The Rotary Motor Machine – The Eastern machine
Setting up the Machine – What many tattooists don’t even know
Machine Trouble – Problems, their causes and their solutions
Keeping the Machine Clean – Essential information and tips
Preparing the Skin & the Tattoo / Stencils & Transfers
The Outline
Cleaning up after the Tattoo is Done
Grey-washing/Black & Gray Tattoos -What is it and how to do it
Troubleshooting & Tips – What to do in various situations
The Aftercare Debate – How the materials used in many studios are toxic.
The Studio – Getting down to business and making money
Glossary – The most extensive glossary of tattoo information around


The Art of Tattooing

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